Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snowreal Features

Version 1.0


  • 2 games modes: racing and trick competition
  • 5 different board skins, depending on your character
  • 2 massive maps for downhilling action and trick jumping, more to come
  • 14 different midair tricks
  • works with custom characters

From the Readme:


To choose RACING MODE:
Set the Scorelimit to 0.
Once the Timelimit is reached, the one with the best time for the parcours wins.

Set the Scorelimit to something higher than 0. The game is over as soon as a player reaches
the Scorelimit or the Timelimit is reached. You should set the Scorelimit to something high like 1000!

Hold your 'Duck' key and release it to start a trick jump. While in the air, hold a direction
and press a mousebutton/shoot key(L1,R1). You can also combine this with spins. To do so,
hold 'Left' or 'Right' down while you start the trick jump.
-You can combine grabs with spins.
-You can combine forward and backward flip with a spin. Just start the flip right after takeoff!
-Press a mousebutton/shoot key without holding any direction for additional tricks.
-Do not skip a flip, or you will fall! Hold your firebutton pressed until the flip is done, then release!

SR-WhiteSlope - by Squizmek
SR-SnowballRun - by Max_Damage

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