Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We have a Winner!

1st place of the Snowreal Boarding Reel Voting goes tooooooooooooooooo.... AGAMENON!! With a clear 60%, congrats man! Following on 2nd place is coolplayer026 and Fribblor on 3rd place! Respect guys, I'm getting the shivers when watching these vids =]

Monday, December 8, 2008

Snowreal User Videos

Check out these user-made Snowreal Videos, they're all very well done! Thumbs up!!!
You can vote for the best user video on the right side.




(MKO clan) TK421jb:

Snowreal Video Collection

If you have missed some of the Snowreal media releases, you can watch it all here. Enjoy =]

The Official Trailer:

Gameplay on PS3:

Gameplay on PC:

Snowreal Beta (first video):

Monday, November 10, 2008

Snowreal 1.2 exceeds 5,000 downloads

The download counters here and at major download mirrors show that Snowreal 1.2 has passed 5000 downloads. Congrats Snowreal! The server statistics also report full servers on the weekends.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

RELEASED - Exclusive Version for the Make Something Unreal Contest

-What's Up?
Snowreal is a 3rd person Snowboarding Mod for Unreal Tournament 3. Race down one of 4 massive-scale maps or show your spectacular skills in a trick competition. Switch from vast snow landscapes to a tension-packed ride over dangerous lava streams down a volcano, back to a tricky alpine slalom course.
Snowreal - the revolution of snowboarding games!

Join the Official Snowreal Server now!
Multiplay.co.uk :: Snowreal Server
(you can select this server in your serverbrowser, or you can join by console: from the menu, press F10 and type 'open' without quotation marks, then press enter and then F10 to close console)

-What's It Got?

* 2 games modes: racing and trick competition
* 5 different board skins, depending on your character
* 4 massive maps for downhilling action and trick jumping
* 16 different combinable tricks
* Remote camera - watch yourself doing stunts and record your own trick video!
* Mini-Map - shows you other players and checkpoints. It also points you to the next checkpoint in racing mode.
* Bot Support - Bots will roam around randomly on the snowboard.
* Onscreen Nametags
* Works with custom characters

-What's New?
The new version 1.2 brings you an AutoCam that makes controlling your snowboard even easier, and an all-new map - "SR-Eruption"! SR-Eruption features a 3-minute ride down a volcano. The track is split into 2 parts - The first part is marked with red flags, the second with blue flags. Two parts - double fun! Watch out for the lava!
If you have a Sixaxis controller you can control everything without pressing a single button, just by tilting your gamepad.

Changelog v1.2
- AutoCam - You don't have to worry about your camera anymore! Just tilt your Sixaxis Controller left and right and enjoy the ride.
You can still get your Free Camera by pressing 'Fire' two times.
- Cruise Control for the Snowboard. You don't have to hold down 'forward' all the time. Just go faster than walking
speed and it will go full throttle by itself. Hold 'back' to reduce your speed now.
- Bug fixed: Trick animations not showing right on client.
- Bug fixed: Removed camera lagging when being teleported.
- More minor bugfixes

Still uncertain?
Read what others had to say about the mod:

xmbmod.com - "If you thought modding couldn’t get better. Think again."
BananaXtreme - "My mate almost got a heart attack bcuz of the fun he had :D!"
Viper7 - "you basicly made the first snowboarding game for ps3, gratz for that"
techadoo.com - "Now for something definitely cooler. Like a couple degrees Fahrenheit cooler. [...] some of the fans’ creativity let loose with wild abandon."

Download for PC:
Snowreal 1.2
Snowreal 1.2 (Fileplanet Mirror)
Snowreal 1.2 Installer (Fileplanet Mirror)
Snowreal 1.2 Mirrors on exp.de

Download for PS3:
Snowreal_v1.2_PS3.rar (Fileplanet Mirror)
Snowreal 1.2 Mirrors on exp.de

For install instructions, a list of tricks, etc. check out Snowreal Readme.txt

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1.2 to be released soon!

Hi everyone,
it's been a while since the last snowreal update, but I'm happy to announce that betatesting on the PS3 was very successful. PC betatesting is still to be done, but if everything goes as planned, version 1.2 will be released pretty soon.
Here's a sneak peak of the new map you'll get to board on:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Make Something Unrealisti-uhm... Unreal!

Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce that Snowreal will be submitted to the $1,000,000 MSU Contest! Since I don't have so much time to commit to this mod anymore , I will concentrate on getting everything bugfree and on providing the best game experience you have seen in a snowboard game.
In the longterm Snowreal will probably include custom player models, sounds, ski lifts to grapple on to, and much more. All that is planned for after the phase 2 deadline in october. If you like this mod and you think you could contribute something to it, contact me at squizmek (at) googlemail.com, or leave me a message on ModDB.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Snowreal Patch 1.1.5 Released

Today is patching day! version 1.1.5 comes with one new map and a little fix for the server browser. The new map, SR-EasyRide, is mainly for Snowreal beginners who want to get a little more used to the controls before breaking their neck on one of the other maps.

EasyRide is also there for everyone who wants to create a Snowreal map himself. Feel free to use this map as a starting point for your own map! Even if you have no experience with UnrealEd at all, you can just load that map and start painting your own terrain. If you made a map based on EasyRide, you can make it public without any extra permission, as long as you name me in the credits, and Max_Damage in case you use the pinetree models.

Snowreal servers are now shown in the serverbrowser again (between the deathmatch servers). Just sort by map and look for one of the snowreal mapnames.
PC users get a patch in the form of a .rar file, PS3 users get a full new userdata.jam.

Changelog v1.1.5
- New Map: SR-EasyRide. Feel free to use this map as a base for your own.
- Bug fixed: Snowreal servers not showing up in the server browser.

Download for PC:
Snowreal Patch 1.1.5
ModDB Mirror

Download for PS3:
ModDB Mirror: Snowreal_v1.1.5_PS3.rar

Want to find other players? Get UT3IRC and join #snowreal on QuakeNet! UT3IRC let's you directly join games by clicking on a link.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Snowreal 1.1 Released!

Snowreal Version 1.1 is ready for you to be downloaded! Snowreal is an Unreal Tournament 3 modification and runs on PC as well as Playstation3. PC users can either grab the .rar file and extract it themselves, or grab the self extracting .exe. See readme for more instructions.

Watch Snowreal Trailer Nr. 2 (showing version 1.1 gameplay!)

Version 1.1 comes with the following new features:

* Remote camera - You can drop it at your feet or shoot it somewhere, then look through it by pressing right mousebutton. Once you have it deployed, you can also use it from your snowboard and scorpion with your right mousebutton.

* Mini-Map - shows you other players and checkpoints. It also points you to the next checkpoint in racing mode.

* Bot Support - Bots will roam around randomly on the snowboard. Don't expect them to race. =)

* Onscreen Nametags - show you who you're racing against.

Minor Adjustments:
- Trick system has been polished so you don't fall off your board if you release your mousebutton at last 20% of a flip.
- When you fall off your board your character won't slide down so far anymore.
- Changed chat color to red.
- Disabled damage when using Towcable
- Your camera mode won't toggle back and forth while boarding.
- Increased the walkable slope for players.
- Hillclimber Scorpion is much more fun to drive now. It's faster and more dangerous.

- SR-WhiteSlope now works for PC in multiplayer.
- Fixed some bugs that would freeze the PS3.
- Fixed trick competition scoreboard on client.

Download for PC:

Download for PS3:

Note: The installer is known to produce some false positives for some virusscanners. The file has been tested and is totally fine.

Snowreal Server List:

* [Gothica.nl] #mi5 fun NL server-2 (you can vote for snowreal to be played)

To join a Snowreal server, either look for it using the server browser under "Deathmatch", or join it using the console.
Press F10 to open console, then type "open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx" without quotes and replace x with the server IP.
For example, type "open" without quotes, then press enter and then F10 to close console.

We would like to know your opinion about Snowreal.
Go to the Snowreal 1.1 Thread.

Got problems installing or running Snowreal?
Please use the Snowreal Support Thread for questions, we will give our best to help you.

New Snowreal (v1.1) Trailer

Hi everyone, I'd like to present to you the Snowreal Trailer Nr.2, featuring the new Snowreal version 1.1! I'd like to thank the betatesters from today for this awesome session, especially Fribble for hosting the server. Version 1.1 of Snowreal will be released very soon, we just have to do a final check and upload the file =]
so stay tuned... and enjoy the new trailer with the music from "Madness" who kindly permitted the use of their record "The harder the come".

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Snowreal at Gamestar-Magazine

I was more than happy to see my mod featured in the biggest german games magazine Gamestar. I really enjoyed what I read there about Snowreal. Obviously the author is a genius, not only because he picked Snowreal as one out of 3 mods in this Gamestar edition! ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snowreal Mapping Tutorial

Today we will have a look on how to make maps for Snowreal, focusing on adding support for the Racing gametype. I'm assuming that you know the basics of the Unreal Editor as tansforming objects in your viewports and using the properties editor (check out this site for general UEd tutorials).
Before you go ahead and start UEd, open up your UTEditor.ini and tell UEd to load the Snowreal script at startup. Look for the line [ModPackages] (it's pretty far down in the text) and add this line below it: ModPackages=Snowreal. Ok, now start UEd and make or load your snowboarding map. You can of course create your own terrain from scratch, but you can also load SR-WhiteSlope and use it as a base. Just delete all the static meshes and go over the terrain with a big smoothing brush.
Ok so in order to get the racing gametype working on your map, you need to define a start and finish, as well as alot of checkpoints!
So... let's get going
Create a builder brush and in the top viewport, pull the edges to make it wider, like shown in the picture. If you wonder how you get into this geometry mode, you need to push the button next to the little camera icon on the upper left in the left toolbar.

Now, in the perspective view, pull the top polygon up so our brush gets a little more height. You don't want accidently jump over a checkpoint, do you!?

If you are satisfied with the shape of your builder brush, you are ready to make a checkpoint volume! Move your brush somewhere on the ground where you want your start point to be. Now rotate it into place and right-click the "Add Volume" button on the left, and select "SRCheckpVolume".

Move your builder brush away now, you don't need it anymore. You should see your Checkpoint Volume now. Double-click it and open the "Snowreal" tab. The CpID tells Snowreal in which order you have to pass through the checkpoints.

Checkpoint nubmer 0 is the Start, and the one with the highest number is the finish. All you need to get the racing gametype working is at least 2 checkpoint volumes, although I suggest adding more than that.
Since the checkpoint volume will be invisible to the player, you have to add some markers to let the player know where the checkpoint is. You are free to use the "Checkmarker_Mesh" object from SR-Whiteslope.
That was lots of work just for one checkpoint, right? Don't worry, for the next one we will just duplicate what we have and place it a little down the track.
To make the next checkpoint you just select both checkmarker meshes + your "SRCheckpVolume" and, in the top view, hold Alt and drag it to the side. Now press your End key to place those objects on your terrain again. Select the volume once and move it a little more into the ground. If you did everything right it should look like in the picture below. Now select your new checkpoint volume and set the CpID to.... have a guess!
The answer is... yep, 1

As you go ahead and build your track, just increase this number everytime you duplicate your checkpoint, and you're good!
Add some playerstarts at the start checkpoint, build your map, and have a try at boarding down your map! I usually use a shortcut with these parameters: "\UT3.exe SR-WhiteSlope?game=Snowreal.UTSnowreal?Timelimit=5?Goalscore=0 -useunpublished"
Just replace the "SR-WhiteSlope" with your map name. If you save your map with the SR- prefix, it will also show up in the maplist.

Here's a tip on making racing tracks: Before you focus on placing the checkmarkers really nice and pretty, make sure your map plays well. A track that ends after 15 seconds will mostly likely feel pretty short. A track where you constantly fall into lavapits, no matter how hard you try, will be frustrating for most players! Once you got the gameplay down, you can focus on adding more eyecandy and finishing your map.

Have fun mapping, and drop me a comment if you made a map for snowreal =)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Gameplay Video

Check out the Snowreal PS3 Gameplay Video #1

In the video you'll get a good idea of how the gameplay is on the PS3. I was just having some fun on SR-WhiteSlope. After I recorded this there were actually more skilled players on. It was spectacular racing down the mountain in a mob of 4 guys, everyone doing flips and grabs.
Stay tuned for more gameplay videos!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snowreal Features

Version 1.0


  • 2 games modes: racing and trick competition
  • 5 different board skins, depending on your character
  • 2 massive maps for downhilling action and trick jumping, more to come
  • 14 different midair tricks
  • works with custom characters

From the Readme:


To choose RACING MODE:
Set the Scorelimit to 0.
Once the Timelimit is reached, the one with the best time for the parcours wins.

Set the Scorelimit to something higher than 0. The game is over as soon as a player reaches
the Scorelimit or the Timelimit is reached. You should set the Scorelimit to something high like 1000!

Hold your 'Duck' key and release it to start a trick jump. While in the air, hold a direction
and press a mousebutton/shoot key(L1,R1). You can also combine this with spins. To do so,
hold 'Left' or 'Right' down while you start the trick jump.
-You can combine grabs with spins.
-You can combine forward and backward flip with a spin. Just start the flip right after takeoff!
-Press a mousebutton/shoot key without holding any direction for additional tricks.
-Do not skip a flip, or you will fall! Hold your firebutton pressed until the flip is done, then release!

SR-WhiteSlope - by Squizmek
SR-SnowballRun - by Max_Damage

Friday, May 23, 2008


The moment has come where you don't have to wait anymore! Snowreal is released and it already comes with 2 gamemodes! Grab the tiny download of 42.5 MB and have a race against your buddies or see who can bust the best tricks! Snowreal runs on PC as well as Playstation3.

Version 1.0

Download for PC:
Snowreal_v1.0.rar (link removed)
ModDB Mirror

Download for PS3:
(link removed)
ModDB Mirror

Read the readme.txt

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snowreal Trailer

We are proud to announce the release date for Snowreal! It will come out on Friday, May 23rd! It will be available for download on this site and on the ModDB.
In the meantime, check out the trailer...