Sunday, July 6, 2008

Snowreal Patch 1.1.5 Released

Today is patching day! version 1.1.5 comes with one new map and a little fix for the server browser. The new map, SR-EasyRide, is mainly for Snowreal beginners who want to get a little more used to the controls before breaking their neck on one of the other maps.

EasyRide is also there for everyone who wants to create a Snowreal map himself. Feel free to use this map as a starting point for your own map! Even if you have no experience with UnrealEd at all, you can just load that map and start painting your own terrain. If you made a map based on EasyRide, you can make it public without any extra permission, as long as you name me in the credits, and Max_Damage in case you use the pinetree models.

Snowreal servers are now shown in the serverbrowser again (between the deathmatch servers). Just sort by map and look for one of the snowreal mapnames.
PC users get a patch in the form of a .rar file, PS3 users get a full new userdata.jam.

Changelog v1.1.5
- New Map: SR-EasyRide. Feel free to use this map as a base for your own.
- Bug fixed: Snowreal servers not showing up in the server browser.

Download for PC:
Snowreal Patch 1.1.5
ModDB Mirror

Download for PS3:
ModDB Mirror: Snowreal_v1.1.5_PS3.rar

Want to find other players? Get UT3IRC and join #snowreal on QuakeNet! UT3IRC let's you directly join games by clicking on a link.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Snowreal 1.1 Released!

Snowreal Version 1.1 is ready for you to be downloaded! Snowreal is an Unreal Tournament 3 modification and runs on PC as well as Playstation3. PC users can either grab the .rar file and extract it themselves, or grab the self extracting .exe. See readme for more instructions.

Watch Snowreal Trailer Nr. 2 (showing version 1.1 gameplay!)

Version 1.1 comes with the following new features:

* Remote camera - You can drop it at your feet or shoot it somewhere, then look through it by pressing right mousebutton. Once you have it deployed, you can also use it from your snowboard and scorpion with your right mousebutton.

* Mini-Map - shows you other players and checkpoints. It also points you to the next checkpoint in racing mode.

* Bot Support - Bots will roam around randomly on the snowboard. Don't expect them to race. =)

* Onscreen Nametags - show you who you're racing against.

Minor Adjustments:
- Trick system has been polished so you don't fall off your board if you release your mousebutton at last 20% of a flip.
- When you fall off your board your character won't slide down so far anymore.
- Changed chat color to red.
- Disabled damage when using Towcable
- Your camera mode won't toggle back and forth while boarding.
- Increased the walkable slope for players.
- Hillclimber Scorpion is much more fun to drive now. It's faster and more dangerous.

- SR-WhiteSlope now works for PC in multiplayer.
- Fixed some bugs that would freeze the PS3.
- Fixed trick competition scoreboard on client.

Download for PC:

Download for PS3:

Note: The installer is known to produce some false positives for some virusscanners. The file has been tested and is totally fine.

Snowreal Server List:

* [] #mi5 fun NL server-2 (you can vote for snowreal to be played)

To join a Snowreal server, either look for it using the server browser under "Deathmatch", or join it using the console.
Press F10 to open console, then type "open" without quotes and replace x with the server IP.
For example, type "open" without quotes, then press enter and then F10 to close console.

We would like to know your opinion about Snowreal.
Go to the Snowreal 1.1 Thread.

Got problems installing or running Snowreal?
Please use the Snowreal Support Thread for questions, we will give our best to help you.

New Snowreal (v1.1) Trailer

Hi everyone, I'd like to present to you the Snowreal Trailer Nr.2, featuring the new Snowreal version 1.1! I'd like to thank the betatesters from today for this awesome session, especially Fribble for hosting the server. Version 1.1 of Snowreal will be released very soon, we just have to do a final check and upload the file =]
so stay tuned... and enjoy the new trailer with the music from "Madness" who kindly permitted the use of their record "The harder the come".

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Snowreal at Gamestar-Magazine

I was more than happy to see my mod featured in the biggest german games magazine Gamestar. I really enjoyed what I read there about Snowreal. Obviously the author is a genius, not only because he picked Snowreal as one out of 3 mods in this Gamestar edition! ;)