Sunday, October 5, 2008

RELEASED - Exclusive Version for the Make Something Unreal Contest

-What's Up?
Snowreal is a 3rd person Snowboarding Mod for Unreal Tournament 3. Race down one of 4 massive-scale maps or show your spectacular skills in a trick competition. Switch from vast snow landscapes to a tension-packed ride over dangerous lava streams down a volcano, back to a tricky alpine slalom course.
Snowreal - the revolution of snowboarding games!

Join the Official Snowreal Server now! :: Snowreal Server
(you can select this server in your serverbrowser, or you can join by console: from the menu, press F10 and type 'open' without quotation marks, then press enter and then F10 to close console)

-What's It Got?

* 2 games modes: racing and trick competition
* 5 different board skins, depending on your character
* 4 massive maps for downhilling action and trick jumping
* 16 different combinable tricks
* Remote camera - watch yourself doing stunts and record your own trick video!
* Mini-Map - shows you other players and checkpoints. It also points you to the next checkpoint in racing mode.
* Bot Support - Bots will roam around randomly on the snowboard.
* Onscreen Nametags
* Works with custom characters

-What's New?
The new version 1.2 brings you an AutoCam that makes controlling your snowboard even easier, and an all-new map - "SR-Eruption"! SR-Eruption features a 3-minute ride down a volcano. The track is split into 2 parts - The first part is marked with red flags, the second with blue flags. Two parts - double fun! Watch out for the lava!
If you have a Sixaxis controller you can control everything without pressing a single button, just by tilting your gamepad.

Changelog v1.2
- AutoCam - You don't have to worry about your camera anymore! Just tilt your Sixaxis Controller left and right and enjoy the ride.
You can still get your Free Camera by pressing 'Fire' two times.
- Cruise Control for the Snowboard. You don't have to hold down 'forward' all the time. Just go faster than walking
speed and it will go full throttle by itself. Hold 'back' to reduce your speed now.
- Bug fixed: Trick animations not showing right on client.
- Bug fixed: Removed camera lagging when being teleported.
- More minor bugfixes

Still uncertain?
Read what others had to say about the mod: - "If you thought modding couldn’t get better. Think again."
BananaXtreme - "My mate almost got a heart attack bcuz of the fun he had :D!"
Viper7 - "you basicly made the first snowboarding game for ps3, gratz for that" - "Now for something definitely cooler. Like a couple degrees Fahrenheit cooler. [...] some of the fans’ creativity let loose with wild abandon."

Download for PC:
Snowreal 1.2
Snowreal 1.2 (Fileplanet Mirror)
Snowreal 1.2 Installer (Fileplanet Mirror)
Snowreal 1.2 Mirrors on

Download for PS3:
Snowreal_v1.2_PS3.rar (Fileplanet Mirror)
Snowreal 1.2 Mirrors on

For install instructions, a list of tricks, etc. check out Snowreal Readme.txt

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1.2 to be released soon!

Hi everyone,
it's been a while since the last snowreal update, but I'm happy to announce that betatesting on the PS3 was very successful. PC betatesting is still to be done, but if everything goes as planned, version 1.2 will be released pretty soon.
Here's a sneak peak of the new map you'll get to board on: